Flexible Screen by Loris & Livia

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Flexible Screen

We love flexible stuffs. Especially in today compact living. With the affection for low tech products, beautiful materials, traditional manufacturing techniques and graphic design, designers Livia Lauber and Loris Jaccard collaborates to create a flexible screen. The screen can be used to divide a room, provide privacy or give shelter light. The fabric blinds can be rolled up to expose the frame so that the screen becomes a clothes rack or a simple wardrobe.

Flexible Screen
Flexible Screen

via Loris & Livia

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  1. eos says:

    muchas felicidades loló, un fuerte abrazo!
    Mauricio Lara

  2. eos says:

    muchas felicidades lolo, un abrazo. Mauricio Lara

  3. eos says:

    muchas felicdades Lolo, un fuerte abrazo. Mauricio Lara

  4. eos says:

    Muchas Felicidades lolo, un fuerte abrazo! Mauricio Lara