Lladro Re-Cyclos Magical by Bodo Sperlein

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Lladro Re-Cyclos Magical

The Lladro Re-Cyclos Magical collection by London-based designer Bodo Sperlein uses the already existing elements from classic Lladro creations and reworked them into more practical and infinitely more modern incarnations. The Re-Cyclos Magical chandelier features fiber-optic lighting combined with dozens of butterflies re-purposed angel wings in a 2m-diameter formation. Inspired by the magic of the forest and its ethereal creatures, the Re-Cyclos Magical chandelier is a poetic and dreamlike composition.

Lladro is a Spanish company famous for its traditional porcelain figurines.

Lladro Re-Cyclos Magical
Bodo Sperlein

via Lladro

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