Symbio Phone by Elium Studio

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Symbio Phone by Elium Studio

New look, new codes, ‘Symbio’ is a cordless phone & Internet radio, a new generation phone. Elium Studio have reinterpreted the archetype of the hand set in an expression that is sober, elegant and light as well as optimal comfort : large screen, easy grip and laying, steady rest on the shoulder….

Winner of an Observeur du design award, the ‘Symbio’ phone stands out as one of the most significant phone design in recent year. Created for Thompson, S.A., some of the Symbio phone features are:

Wireless DECT VoIP, Hands-free facility, HiFi ringtones, SMS text messaging, HD Sound, Stereo speakers, Portable radio, Huge choice of Internet radio stations, Colour screen etc.

Symbio Phone by Elium Studio
Symbio Phone by Elium Studio

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  1. I like this phone, fantastic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can download this phone as free 3D model: