Vrachtfiets by Onno Sminia and Louis Pierre Geerinckx

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Vrachtfiets cargo bike

Concerned with how to move house without renting a van, Delft University of Technology students Onno Sminia and Louis Pierre Geerinckx came up with 'Vrachtfiets'- a green cargo bike specifically designed for moving big items within the city. The idea of de ‘Vrachtfiets’ is enabling people to collaborate in moving the bike forward. Usually moving heavy furniture isn’t a solo effort, as proclaimed by the makers. Therefore the bike is a two-person vehicle equipped with two sets of pedals. The bike also includes an electrical assist, which will be solar-powered in upcoming versions.

Vrachtfiets will be a success consider more and more people prefer cycling around the city plus as an eco-friendly vechicle, Vrachtfiets contributes to a cleaner city with less emissions.

Vrachtfiets cargo bike
Vrachtfiets cargo bike

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