60s Packaging by Champion Papers

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Champion Papers produced this colourful packaging designs in 1968 for a series of print advertisements to promote their Imagination line papers. Publish in 1968 issue of CA Magazine, the ads suggest that an eye-catching label canvirtually invite a customer to stop looking around and pick up your product. It takes a brightly designed, brightly colored label, tempered with simplicity, to quickly tell the customer that the food inside is superior. The advertisement was produced under the creative direction of James Miho but no explicit credit is given for the graphics shown.

40 years past, and the packaging design proves to be the trend of todays' packaging.

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  1. Cool! Very simple and creative!

  2. This is one of the examples of packaging when simplicity made a lot of difference. It may not be too complex but it definitely captured my attention.

  3. I like that that make the paper here. If we had them in the country.