Airbus 2050 Future Cabin

Skott L. | 5:45 PM | 2 comments

Leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus unveiled its vision of flying in 2050, in which passengers will be able to gaze up at sunny or starry skies through a transparent cabin. The new concept cabin features a transparent 360-degree panoramic view with a bionic structure that mimics the efficiency of bird bone.

The cabin’s bionic structure will be coated with a bio-polymer membrane, which controls the amount of natural light, humidity and temperature, providing opacity or transparency on command and eliminating the need for windows. This smarter structure will make the aircraft lighter and more fuel-efficient. Future materials may not even be the materials we see and use today. ‘Composite’ materials will be used – new matter made of a combination of different materials.

The future passenger cabin will be fully ecological. Fully recyclable plant fibers that can be grown to a custom shape will be sourced from responsible and sustainable practices.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What nonsense. Nothing is more boring than "futuristic" concept design. Get a real job.

  2. So if there is a thunderstorm or a flock of seagulls or a patch of clouds, is the flight crew going to be trained in how to settle passengers that get airsick or worse? It is a great idea, but maybe an impracticle idea. I am sure I don't want to see the mess that a flock of bird would create or the lightning bolt that just passed by the window. There would need a be a much better balance of what the passengers would like to see and what safety would dictate that they should see.