Morbid Accessories by Julia DeVille

Skott L. | 11:21 AM | 0 comments

Combining her love of taxidermy with her love of jewelry, Australian jewellery designer Julia DeVille combines her creative accessory output with the art of taxidermy for a gorgeously morbid result.

Inspired by nature, history, life and death, Julia DeVille's work are emphasizing the beauty of life in relation to its end rather than the standard gruesome morbidity we’ve come to relate with passing on. From the immortalisation of baby animals like kittens and deer with sparkling jewels in their eyes to the molding of gold and silver in the delicate nuances of turtledove bones, Julia DeVille’s work is a celebration of even the shortest breath taken.

Using only animals that have died from natural causes, increasingly DeVille finds that people who have encountered her work and recognize art in the afterlife donate the majority of her materials.

Julia now produces her jewellery under the label DISCE MORI. Her artworks are created under her own name.

+ Julia DeVille