Home Medicine Containers by Celine Forestier

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A diploma project deals with the medication at home,ECAD design school graduate Celine Forestier has created a series of faceted pillboxes on a multilevel plinth, with each level representing a different day of the week.

The original intent: to adopt a careful attitude towards the drug. The questions and issues raised concerning the place of design and designer in the world of care and medication. Is there a medical design? When dealing with medical subject says can we talk about design?

The goal of the project was to change attitudes towards medication at home and ultimately de-stigmatize the pillbox. Says Forestier. The plinth and the pillboxes are designed to maintain a daily rhythm, make it easy for the user connect the day of the week, and time of day, with that days' requirements. "These objects in their aesthetic and sensitivity question the psychological link between the drug and its users."

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