Walking canes never been a sexy thing to own. They simply weren’t designed to make you look good either. Lithuanian designer Egle Ugintaite however, decided to give the walking cane a touch of futuristic sleekness and a facelift fit enough to actually make this one seem to look pretty beautiful. Called The Aid, this design recently won Fujitsu's grand prize design award for 2011, themed "A Life With Future Computing," designs for 2020.

While 'The Aid' is stylist & ergonomic, it is loaded with a GPS navigator to provide directions to where the user wants to go, an SOS button in case of emergencies, and a LED monitor to show up information in regards to the user’s blood pressure. The Aid walking cane will no doubt provide considerable safety in mind to those with mobility impairments and for the aging, a stress free and lovely walk in the park!

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Everything under one roof. Nothing more appropriate in describing the MAGAZIN magazine stand designed by DING3000. Practical and ornamental, MAGAZIN is a timeless and beautiful magazine stand in shape of a house. When disturbed while reading, just lay the open magazine on the roof of the house, and you can easily pick it up again to carry on reading, without loosing the page. Meanwhile your other favorite magazines can be stored under the roof.

MAGAZIN magazine stand is a winner in the Interior Innovation Award 2011.

+ DING3000

Pairing iPhone with a docking speaker always a headache for myself. while there are many choices to choose from when buying an iPhone docking speaker, but not many possess the beauty of an iPhone. With the release of Philips Fidelio -an elegant and chic docking speaker specially made for iPhone, the search is finally over.

The carefully designed curved back cover not only looks fabulous – it also creates a more effective structure for acoustics. By using Advanced PureDigital sound processing technology to deliver stunning sound from your iPhone or iPod, the speaker offers superior sound performance compared to the conventional analog audio processing technology. Most top-grade audiophile appliances allow the display to be turned off – for absolute enjoyment of music, and for power to be focused on sound reproduction. With the proximity sensor feature, you can enjoy that too. Walk away and the illuminated functional keys automatically dim. When your hand draws near, the functional keys light up so you can control your music without fuss.

With Philips Fidelio, you get to enjoy both lovely looking speakers and sensational sound.

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An elegant & functional beauty glass tea pot design by architects duo- NORM for manufacturer Menu, is a married of Scandinavian way of living with Japanese Zen-style.

The Glass Teapot uniquely embraces the meeting of two traditions - the Asian zen philosophy and modern Scandinavian design. A special feature is the teapot’s transparency that grants a visual experience of the tea and stimulates the senses of sight, touch and smell alike. As a fine design detail the tea egg is placed in the centre of the pot and is easily raised by pulling the attached silicon string when the tea is ready for serving.

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One of my favorite table lamp designed by Studio Belenko!

'Paper Lamp' was inspired by stacked books, the edges of bound paper - layers of information, printed on old and yellowed pages. Anyway the ' Paper Lamp' is made of bronze and plastic with a bronze coating, the precious golden colour evokes the value of knowledge and history whilst casting a warm and gentle glow .

 Studio Belenko! also created this Invoga Table.

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Fork + spoon = tong
Fork + Fork = tong
Spoon + spoon = tong

That's the equation, it's seems. If you possess LINK, a triangular piece of silicon in pop design which combines two pieces of cutlery into a new kitchen tool. The silicon handle keeps the ends of different cutlery in place. In this way a spoon and a fork may turn into salad servers. Two knives may make a pair of grill tongs, and two spoon form a sugar tong, two chopsticks turn into a set of sushi flatware. And all this can be done in a winking eye.

LINK is designed by Studio Dreimann for German manufacturer, Konstantin Slawinski.

+ Konstantin Slawinski