Gemma box by Discipline for Monocle Shop

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Gemma Box- Discipline for Monocle Shop
Gemma Box by Gemma Holt
Gemma Box Packaging

Discipline's signature Gemma wooden box. This simple, clean design resembles a block of wood but the top is actually a lid held together by discreet little magnets, creating the perfect secret storage box for your home. . The handy box is made of ash. A smart companion for desk or dressing table.

Gemma Holt trained as both artist and designer and studied Design Products at the Royal College of Art. She works in a variety of materials, from wood to precious metals, creating objects that defy categorisation - each piece of work is conceived as both a work of art and of design, neither driven solely by function nor by aesthetics. Her methods combine craftsmanship with conceptual rigour, eliminating superfluous decoration and meaning. Every object is the expression of an idea, distilled into its most simple form.

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