About Us

DesignYearBook.com is an online contemporary design web-blog that offers the latest home inspiration & trends, fantastic products and industry news. Initiated in 2008, DesignYearBook.com  features a vibrant mix of fabulous architecture & home ideas, furniture & lighting, designer items, fantastic packaging & graphics, home technology, trendy abodes and much more!- all interestingly presented with style and flair.

At DesignYearBook.com, we aim to provide our readers a primary source for top design products, ideas & trends where professional designers, design enthusiasts, home owner & like-minded readers come together, sharing ideas & ask questions.

Our target readers are:
  • Home owners who's planning to get ideas on home furnishing, interior design & renovation works.
  • Design enthusiasts  who possess high buying power, and are willing to spend to improve their living standard.
  • Interior designers & Architects

With new contents such as Artist + Designer profile, Design Book recommendation, Tech + Gadget review etc, we hope reading DesignYearBook.com will be more rewarding & essential to staying inspired and informed.